NEW: SMC Full Membership

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Full Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited live online training
  • Club mentor
  • Find partners
  • All climbing events
  • All on-site training
  • 40% off gear package
  • Expeditions - Unlimited loaner gear
  • Discount Avy training
  • Discount WFA training
  • Seminar broadcast - 28% off retail
  • Membership bonus
  • EL Opportunity
  • 40% off video training
  • Automatic skill tracking
  • Member packet
  • Special training opps
  • Member partner deals
  • A vote
  • Full list

Special deal for Legacy members: Full Membership monthly subscription upgrade for only $16.99

Based on feedback and surveys from paid members like you, we're introducing a NEW Full Membership which includes all the following. Check this out:


  • Free, UNLIMITED live online training, which helps you better qualify for ALL events
  • Club MENTOR to provide support, encouragement and insight
  • Up to 40% off gear and more special deals
  • ALL the benefits of Free membership such as access to all climbing and training events, and
  • ALL the benefits of Legacy membership such as expeditions, loaner gear, retail discount 
  • And more all for monthly subscription of $18.99


Members like you have helped the club evolve to where we are today - and for that, you rock! As a thank we're offering an upgrade to Full Membership at the discount rate of $16.99/month. This is the best membership SMC has ever offered.

You can continue "Legacy" membership subscription ($60/yr or $10/mth), but it does not include these new features. For example, you must still pay $90 - $150 for each session of online training. The new Full Membership subscription where everything is "all included" is the way to go. 

Thanks for all your support of SMC! Full details and all the good stuff is all here on our NEW redesigned website! Oh yah!


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