MAA Events

All MAA events are categorized into disciplines, and then levels. If the event involves rock climbing it is designated as "RCK", snow, ice and glacier climbing "SIG", mountaineering "MTN", or backcountry skiing "SKI". Each discipline is further defined as "Level 1" Beginning, "Level 2" Intermediate or "Level 3" Advanced. These designations represent the types and level of experience and ability required at that event.






Yep, we're climbing year-round. We can be found around the Sierra, Cascades, Rockies, in the Andes, the Alps or beyond...rock climbing, ice climbing, peak bagging, and backcountry skiing. We plug cams and swing tools just as much as we high-five on summits and enjoy the camaraderie of our amazing community.


Wanna get higher? The MAA training program is a sequence of learning experiences where members advance their proficiency in the mountains on rock, snow, ice, and glaciers. We offer on-site free, on-site paid, live online training and online pre-recorded video training options. Training attendees will be given priority RSVP at all club climbing events and expeditions, and only Full Members get unlimited acess to live online training. Full Members are also given club mentors.

Download more about our training courses (PDF)

Let's go:

  • Climbing Outings are free 1-3 day climbs on peaks in nearby ranges. MAA membership is required. Ideally, teams are screened and selected 3 - 4 weeks prior, but sometimes these events are short notice. Proficiency at some technical level is often necessary.

  • Climbing Expeditions are longer climbs on significant peaks organized by small teams of experienced members. MAA full membership is required. Teams are typically selected many months prior in order to provide adequate time prepare and train together. Technical skills proficiency and physical fitness are important factors. Often these events involve long distances to travel and require attendees to share expenses.

  • On-Site Field Training Classes, both free and paid ("PRO version"), is a program of a total of 25 days of tiered skills training events to prepare members for participation on official events and to help boost proficiency in the disciplines of Rock Climbing (RCK), Snow, Ice & Glacier Climbing (SIG), Mountaineering (MTN) and Backcountry Skiing (SKI). These free in-field training classes are posted a few months in advance. They can be taken in any order or sequence. For more information, please refer to the training courses section.

  • Online Training Classes, both live and pre-recorded, are video webinars which prequalify members to attend the free field training classes and prepare them for all climbs and expeditions. Full members have unlimited access, all other paid members must register for a fee. Attendees at training receive priority RSVP at all MAA events.

  • Other events such as seminars, socials gatherings, WFR and Avalanche Certification, and board meetings happen regularly.

Good stuff to know

  • You can join the interest list for any event only here on our official website - just sign in and find the dates you are interested in.

  • All on-site free field trainings and climbing events are free. All live online training classes require a fee to register, except for Full Members who have unlimited free access to these. Pre-recorded video training can also be purchased at Expeditions are also free, but there are often significant travel expenses and shared group expenses.

  • You must have an MAA membership to join the interest list or register for any MAA event, and you must have a paid MAA membership to join expeditions or attend PRO level training.

  • When we select individuals for RSVP, all relevant experience and ability is taken into account, whether or not it is from MAA events or your own adventures.

  • Loaner gear is available on all events, for full members only. This means you have access to everything you need to participate confidently. Full members can also rent selected MAA gear for private use.